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Preparing a robot model for pilot production

R2 Robotics is working with TEN ETG to prepare a merchandiser robot model for pilot production.

Startups of the Sigma. Novosibirsk "and" TechnoSparka "often unite to create a quality product. This time the companies are working together on a robot merchandiser.

R2 Robotics independently performed the development of the robot architecture, developed the suspension, power system, internal structure and placement of components in the robot.

By order of R2 Robotics, TEN ETG carried out the development of design documentation for the production of the case.
R2 Robotics is currently placing an order for the first pre-production robot at TEN ETG.
The R2 Robotics team of the Sigma.Novosibirsk group of companies is a robotic solution for data collection in retail. R2 uses a combination of machine vision and RFID tag detection to collect data.